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jeff_kidsGlowing Hearts is for kids of all abilities… and inspiring, first-of-its-kind book series about diverse physical differences and inclusive physical activity for all.

Readers will learn and grow from Canada’s athletes with physical disabilities – from young sports enthusiasts to elite Paralympic athletes. I focused on adapted sport and recreation opportunities for youth with disabilities, these books are a tremendous resource for parents, schools, rehab centers, prosthetic facilities, youth and disability associations.

Diversity, literacy, character education and healthy living are its cornerstones. 

From the Publisher


I lost both hands in an accident when I was 11 years old. I was a pretty good baseball and hockey player before that. I never thought I’d play those sports again. But my dad thought differently. He made a really cool – but strange-looking – hockey stick for me that I could use with my prosthetic hands.

I played hockey again. I wasn’t as good as I once was. It was really hard and it was quite scary sometimes. But I still had fun. And I learned something very impor­tant about myself: “If I could play hockey again with two artificial arms, well… maybe I could do anything if I tried.”

Twelve years later I stood on the podium at the Paralympic Games in Seoul, Korea. I had won a gold medal with a world record-setting run on the track. After my accident I never dreamed that I would be a Paralympic sprinter. I had trouble believing that I’d be a Peewee hockey player again. But my dad’s funny-looking hockey stick gave me the power to believe and to dream. Look what can happen with that kind of power!

young_jeffThat’s not the whole story though. While growing up, that hockey stick led to a lot of everyday fun with my friends and family. We played baseball and football. We rode bikes and raced go-carts. We fished and we swam. I could do anything if I tried. A special stick made me a regular kid.

That’s what Glowing Hearts is all about. It’s about the power of recreation and sport in every kid’s life.

Being active is so important for all kids. Whether you have a disability, or you don’t, there’s so much to learn in this book. Some kids just do it differently. Whether it is wheelchair basketball or soccer or horseback riding, there’s always a way to play.

In this book you’ll meet some very active kids with disabilities reaching for their goals and dreams. You’ll also meet some of Canada’s best athletes whose dreams came true at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. I believe you’ll be inspired by all of their special messages for you.

Go Play.

Jeff Tiessen

Publisher, Glowing Hearts