Category: Testimonials

Robin Mednick, President – Pencils for Kids

I read Glowing Hearts with a glowing heart. Here is a book that inspires children and adults alike, to get active and reach their potential through the power of sport! It focuses on our abilities, not disabilities, and it gives us a blueprint to find the activity that appeals the most! We are reminded that though we have differences, they need not be barriers to friendships or to accomplishing our dreams. Glowing Hearts should be in every school, every library and every home!
Robin Mednick, President
Pencils for Kids 

Archie Allison, Director – Access and Awareness, Variety Village

Glowing Hearts books reflect the importance of inclusive practices, ability in action and diversity. We have had many families, athletes, educators and youngsters contact us at Variety Village to share how the book educates, inspires and motivates them to get involved and get active.
Archie Allison, Director
Access and Awareness
Variety Village

Lisa and Rene’ Jansen in de Wal

As parents of a child with special needs we are constantly trying to encourage our child to focus on her potentials. Learning about other children and adults with special needs who have been able to accomplish amazing things encourages all people to go after their own dreams. This book is full of wonderful examples of how the human heart can surpass obstacles.
Lisa and Rene’ Jansen in de Wal

Cathy Vincelli – Executive Director, ParaSport Ontario

Congratulations to DT Publishing Group Inc. and the “Glowing Hearts” team on producing what is a wonderful resource for children highlighting the ParaSport and Paralympic Movement in Canada.
Cathy Vincelli, Executive Director
ParaSport Ontario

Laura Hill

I have read Mother and Child a number of times over and each time something different would speak to me or touch my heart in a new way. Yes, we do find what we are looking for. I truly believe that.
Laura Hill